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Before we go any further, we would like to throw some stats and facts about our runescape bots at you. Over 15,000 people used our bots today. All our scripts are fully functional and free, we reverse engineered most of the ‘pro’ scrips from our competitors like osbot.. We do not ask you to go ‘pro’ to unlock specific functions. We are the real deal and straight to the point. Our team is big and true supporters of the open source concept and believe that software of any kind should be free.

How everything started. We have been playing runescape for over 8 years. We soon realized that were ton of annoying and tedious task that need to be done to be on top of the food chain. It is then we realized we need to do something about it. We soon started coding this bits and pieces to automate few things. These bits and pieces soon turned into full fledged programs. We started sharing it with our clan members and these clan members started sharing it with their friends and the software spread.

old school runescape

But someone decided to sell the software to public for hard cash. This got us really angry because we solely believe in the idea of open source. We got the person banned on the respective runescape forum and made this site. This site would allow us to distribute our software easily and track people if they are selling our bots. Please report to us if you see any of the programs on this site on sale.

Our old school runescape bots are undetectable and implemented with special randomization and human mimicking algorithm which are used to imitate human behavior as much as possible. We try not to create any sort of patterns while using the bot. As this pattern can lead to flagging of accounts for closer investigation. We’ve never had any one getting banned on old school runescape with our bots but we still take no responsibility for any ill happenings.

We’ve got a ton of different bots like Motherlode Mine, Blast Furnace, Wintertodt, Nightmare zone, pest Control, Barrows fighter, Fight caves Jad bot,  Agility, Burner, Chopper, Cooker, Combat, Fisher, Fletcher, Smelter, Thiever, Magic, Miner, RuneCrafter bots and many more. You can always request us macros and submit in your ideas. We’ll have a look into it and try to integrate with our existing code or program a new one all to gather.

We’ve tested all our RS bots for stability and compatibility. So we can claim without hesitation that all our scripts are without harmful files and wont harm your computer in any way. But this does not apply if you get the bot from somewhere else. All the scripts on our site are safe and tested.