Why are you doing it for free?

Actually we are earning money from ads that are visible on our website, and in the bot api. We are doing everything to not annoy our users. So please tell all of your friends about this awesome bot!

Will I get banned if I use a Runescape bot ?

Yes and No. If you are using a outdated bot made by some noob with no integrated anti ban features, there is a good chance you might get banned after 10-20 minutes of operations. But if your bot has anti ban features, you will be fine. All our bots are integrated with advanced anti ban features. These bots mimic human actions and behaviors as much as possible. Hence, no flags are raised.

What is OSRS bot and Where do I get it ?

OSRS bot is basically a compiler or emulation engine. In simple terms, bot executes the programs which are coded by our expert programmers. It servers as a communication medium between the computer and the programmers. The latest release of OSRS Bot can be downloaded here.

Will my computer get spoiled if I run any of this scripts ?

No, It wont. The bots available on this site have been checked thoroughly for malwares, adwares and viruses. This is to ensure that your computer and its files stay safe.

I have encountered a bug, How do I report it ?

Our code has been fine tuned over the year but new bugs are found from time to time. You can use our contact us section to get in touch and report your errors. Please attach a screenshot or video when reporting a bug.

How do I make recommendations for additional features in a bot ?

It is pretty simple. Get in touch with us via the contact form on the top. We usually get most of our recommendations integrated in the subsequent release of the software. So don’t hesitate.